Cograf has been in the adhesive label business since 1982.

Since then we have changed premises three times, and some of the machinery, and have entered into an impressive number of leasing contracts.

However we believe that putting everything into discussion all the time is the only way to continue to improve constantly.

We do not want to be simple suppliers for our customers, but real partners.

Assisting them to develop their projects, advising them with the aid of matured experience, helping them to realize their ideas with adequate technologies, and producing with the maximum quality in the framework of an impeccable service are essentials at the basis of profitable and reciprocal growth.

For these reasons our personnel come from printing schools, the average age of our machines is just 3 years and we work in three shifts.

We have just passed our thirtieth birthday as it was in 1982 that Pierino and Cesare Cotterchio decided to found the company. The machines were two-colour ones and occupied 36 square metres. The space was a 36 sq.m basement. Today there are 12 colours and 1800 sq.m, but the spirit is the same.